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NK110T150 coconut palm baler product parameters

June 15, 2021

NICKBALER Coir Baler adopts double-cylinder balanced compression device and special hydraulic system, which has the characteristics of stable power, safety and reliability, simple operation and convenient maintenance.
NK110T150 coconut palm Baling Press machine product parameters: Baling Press size is 1100*1000*400-1200mm, stroke is 1400mm, cylinder diameter is 180mm, piston rod diameter is 1200mm, motor power is 22KW, compression chamber height is 1800mm, feeding port size is 1100 *800mm, the size of the machine is 1900*1700*4210mm, and the Baling Press weight can reach 400-500kg.]

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NICKBALER Coir Baler is mainly used for the compression and packaging of coconut fiber, oil palm fiber, hard plastic, computer casing, beverage bottle, hay and other items.