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my country's new development pattern of waste paper baler

August 6, 2021

At present, wood pulp, the raw material for papermaking, is mainly derived from natural forests in China. Mass consumption of paper has not only caused a sharp decline in forest area, but also caused serious pollution of rivers and lakes due to the discharge of sewage from the production of pulp.
my country is both a big paper-making country and a big paper-consuming country. As we all know, even under the advocacy of environmental protection and conservation, waste paper recycling is still very large.
For the domestic paper industry, which is seriously lacking in papermaking resources, the waste paper baler uses waste paper as a renewable resource, which can enable the paper industry to realize a virtuous cycle of resource-production-consumption-resource regeneration.
Experts say that the development trend of waste paper balers is an extension of the tendency towards fully automated operation.
The market for waste paper balers is getting bigger and bigger. Now the world’s science and technology is developing rapidly, and the technology is constantly improving. The functions of waste paper balers are also constantly being upgraded. To continue to tap the development potential of balers in China will be fully automatic The development focus of waste paper baler.

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