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Moroccan automatic baler has high reliability

March 29, 2022

1. The automatic waste paper balercan automatically feed and detect, and continuously discharge the package, or it can be completed by manual operation. It can be used for waste paper, cardboard boxes, newsprint, etc., waste plastics, PET bottles, plastic films, turnover boxes, etc., straw Wait for loose objects to be packed, and the Press effect is good.
2. Fast Press speed, saving time and electricity, low failure rate, high degree of automation, labor saving, high reliability and long service life.
3. Double reinforcement is used to form the package, which effectively avoids the occurrence of loose packages during the pushing process and the final binding step. The packaging is of good quality, safe and reliable, avoids rework, and effectively improves the overall efficiency.
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4. This conveying device is equipped with multiple baffles with evenly spaced intervals to effectively prevent the material from sliding down. The material is conveyed at a uniform speed from bottom to top, and the same amount of material is fed into the material channel of the main body of the baler.
5. The fully automatic waste paper baler has reasonable structure, simple operation, safe and reliable use, easy to promote and apply, and can effectively improve production efficiency.