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Manual of automatic baler

January 3, 2023

Automatic baler manufacturer
Automatic waste paper baler, automatic waste newspaper baler, automatic corrugated paper baler

After the equipment is produced and passed the inspection by the quality inspector, we need to provide customers with some necessary items, such as machine operation manuals, small parts, etc. The machine manuals provided by NICKBALER are detailed, with pictures and parameters, so that customers can see at a glance :
1. Safety
It describes safety signs, safety precautions, safety devices, etc.
2. Technical parameters
Contains equipment parameters and dimensions related content
3. Equipment installation
This chapter contains 8 major sections, including installation instructions, equipment positioning, setting, machine hoisting, transportation and other information
4. Operation
Including descriptions of operation keys and indicator lights, initial startup, baling press procedures, etc.
5. Inspection and maintenance work
Maintenance precautions, maintenance checklist
6. Precautions
7. Common faults and troubleshooting methods
8. Hydraulic schematic diagram
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