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Malaysia straw baler

September 15, 2021

The unmanned operation of straw baling machinery is suitable for places with a lot of materials. After the items are compressed and bundled, they are easy to store and pile and reduce transportation costs.
It is fa
st, simple in structure and stable in action. It is suitable for compressing loose materials such as straw, pasture, forage, waste paper, etc., and has a high usage rate in large-scale garbage disposal sites.
Product features of hydraulic straw baler:
1. Pure copper motor: faster heat dissipation, strong power, low noise and stable operation.
2. High-pressure oil cylinder: It adopts high temperature resistant chrome-plated oil cylinder, which has good sealing, no oil leakage, no pressure relief, and durable.
3. Hydraulic door: The hydraulic door can be customized to open left and right, up and down, saving time and effort, and higher efficiency.
4. The main oil pump of the equipment adopts high-quality brands to ensure stable and reliable system pressure.

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NICKBALER straw baler has the advantages of improving labor efficiency, reducing labor intensity, and reducing transportation costs.