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Maintenance method of waste paper baler

July 13, 2021

The daily maintenance of waste paper baler generally includes daily maintenance and weekly maintenance. Let's take a look at it together:
1. Daily maintenance
(1) Before the shift, check whether there is any oil leakage in the oil pipes, wipe the equipment, lubricate the oil according to the regulations, check whether the link shaft pins of each part are reliable, and check whether the sound of the waste paper baler is normal.
(2) Pay attention to the running sound during the class, whether the temperature, pressure, liquid level, electrical, hydraulic, and safety insurance of the equipment are normal.
(3) Turn off the machine switch after the shift, remove paper scraps and dirt, wipe off the oil on the rail surface and sliding surface of the equipment, refuel, clean the work site, sort out accessories and tools, fill in the shift record, and go through the shift procedures.
2. Routine weekly maintenance
The weekly maintenance of the waste paper baler is carried out by the equipment operator every week. The maintenance time is: 2 hours for general equipment and 4 hours for precision and large equipment.
(1) Wipe the appearance, equipment guide rails, various transmission parts and exposed parts, and clean the work site to achieve clean inside and outside without dead ends, no rust, and the surrounding environment is tidy.
(2) Control the transmission, check the technical condition of each part, tighten the loose parts, adjust the matching gap, check the interlock and safety devices, to achieve normal transmission sound, safety and reliability.
(3) Hydraulic lubrication, cleaning the oil filter, and checking the hydraulic system to achieve clean oil quality, unobstructed oil path and no leakage.
(4) For the electrical system, wipe the surface of the motor, check the insulation and grounding, to achieve completeness, cleanliness and reliability.

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