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Machine characteristics of discarded computer case Baler

June 24, 2021

According to relevant data, the annual sales volume of computers in the mainland reaches tens of millions, and with the replacement of computers, the number of used computers to be eliminated is estimated to exceed 5 million each year. The reporter's investigation found that most of the old computer recycling that entered the organization was disassembled into parts, some were converted into electronic derivatives, and some were directly discarded. It is worth noting that these parts should be sorted and recycled in accordance with laws and industry regulations. However, the current recycling agencies on the market have not handled them properly.
Environmental protection is the cause of the whole people, and there is no conflict between environmental protection and economic benefits. Relying on computer recyclers and the government to prevent "computer waste" pollution is far from enough. It needs all-round support from all sectors of society. Therefore, the government and the media should strengthen publicity for the recycling of discarded computers. One is to encourage consumers to choose “green” products that are not polluted or contribute to public health during consumption; Disposal does not cause environmental pollution; the third is to guide consumers to change their consumption concepts, advocating nature, pursuing health, and focusing on environmental protection, saving resources and energy, and achieving sustainable consumption while pursuing comfort in life.
NICKBALER waste computer case Baler adopts a closed structure, which makes the Baling Press more tight; it has high-strength out of the bag, automatic door opening and closing, hydraulic door lock device, which makes the operation more convenient; it can be conveyed by conveyor belt, air pipe feeding and manual Feeding operation mode.

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