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Listen to the sound to judge the quality of the cardboard baler

July 8, 2021

The baler, also known as the strapping machine and the strapping machine, is the big brother of the packaging machinery industry. Since 1990, the baler has appeared in large and small factory workshops in China. The baler is divided into two types: automatic and semi-automatic. Kind of, special balers are also used in special envoy occasions.
Below we introduce the quality judgment method of the semi-automatic hydraulic cardboard baler:
To buy a semi-automatic cardboard baler, firstly, it depends on whether its appearance is well-made, and again whether the packaging panel is thick enough, which affects its packaging quality, and finally whether the mechanical part of the product is silent. In fact, the key to silence is general quality. The sound of a good machine is smooth and no noise. Just like an experienced car mechanic, a problematic car can be heard by the sound, so listening to the sound can also judge the quality of the product.
When choosing a cardboard baler, you must choose carefully and shop around. You are not afraid of trouble or buying a bad product. Choosing the NICKBALER cardboard Baler can improve work efficiency and reduce human and financial expenditures. It is the best choice for waste paper recycling stations, large-scale garbage disposal sites and related companies.

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NICKBALER cardboard baler adopts button centralized control, which can realize a variety of working methods. The working pressure stroke range of the machine can be adjusted according to the size of the pressed object.