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Kenyan waste paper baler saves energy and electricity

May 24, 2022

Waste paper baler
Waste paper baler, hydraulic baler, horizontal baler
There will always be a lot of waste paper, waste plastic, etc. unintentionally in our lives. Unreasonable recycling causes environmental pollution and waste of resources. So what measures should we take to recycle these waste paper and waste plastics?
First of all, in the recycling process of waste paper, many people choose to recycle different papers in different ways, such as coated paper, newspapers, book papers, etc. After recycling, these waste papers are sent to paper mills, but in transportation There were many problems in the process, high transportation cost and convenient storage, so many people thought of waste paper baler, then let me introduce the main performance of waste paper baler:
1. The waste paper baler is mainly to compress waste paper into a certain proportion and specifications, so as to achieve the effect of reducing the volume. The weight of the baler with the normal size of 1100×1250×1700 is 1300-1500kg.
2. In the selection and use, the waste paper baler will also be very power-consuming and labor-intensive, then this is related to the baler model you choose, energy consumption, and even the manufacturer. Normal 160 model packaging The electricity cost for a package of the machine is 4-5 yuan, and many customers have responded that the electricity bill is a bit too much. How can this electricity bill be reduced? Choosing a reasonable manufacturer only needs 2-2.5 yuan a package of electricity, which can save an average of 100 yuan a day in electricity bills. Why does it save so much electricity? This is a matter of technology and craftsmanship.
3. During the process of use, there is a thumping sound at the packaging opportunity. At this time, it is the cause of the damage of the mechanical parts in advance, and it is also caused by unreasonable design. Therefore, we must choose a manufacturer with good quality and high cost performance. . Avoid the phenomenon of generating this noise, which is the reason for power saving.
NKBALER waste paper baler has simple structure, stable performance, high efficiency and energy saving, convenient operation and reliable quality. It is your best choice.

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