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Instructions for using Australian hydraulic press Australian balers used

April 18, 2022

If two or more people are required to cooperate in operation, the front and rear operation switches must be turned on, and the corresponding two-hand operation switches and emergency stop switches must be equipped.
It is strictly forbidden to exceed the large stroke of the movable beam (that is, the hydraulic press must not limit the small closed height)
When working at full load, the maximum allowable eccentricity of the concentrated load is 50MM, and it shall not be overloaded or exceed the large eccentricity
You must stop when inspecting the mold, and use wooden blocks to support the movable beam
All pressure regulating valves and travel switches should be adjusted by tools and personnel
The cooling system must be turned on before turning on the power to ensure that the oil temperature does not exceed 60 degrees
During work, pay close attention to whether the hydraulic press is abnormal and not work with illness
The mold is closed before stopping, the oil pump is stopped, and the power is turned off
After the work is over, clean the equipment and clean up the premises.
NKBALER recommends that regular maintenance and reasonable use of the baler can prolong the service life of the baler and improve the working efficiency of the baler. For more usage content, please follow