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Installation of straw baler

June 18, 2021

Everyone knows that making full use of straw resources and suppressing straw burning can effectively control pollution, promote fresh air, optimize the environment, and ensure the orderly progress of social and economic life. How to recycle straw? At this time, a straw baler is needed for operation. How to install the straw baler?
High-quality installation is very important to the straw baler. A good installation reduces the occurrence of failures. What should be paid attention to when installing?
1. Be familiar with the schematic diagrams and electrical diagrams used in the hydraulic system during installation.
2. Since hydraulic components are easy to invade sand and soil during transportation, if they are installed directly, they will affect the use of the equipment. Therefore, the performance of the more important components should be tested first during installation, and then the installation and debugging can be carried out.
3. Since hydraulic components are precision machinery, they must be installed in a clean environment before installation.
As long as the installation is carried out in strict accordance with the principle diagram of the straw baler, the incidence of failure can be reduced and the reliability of the hydraulic components of the equipment can be ensured.

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