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Installation area of waste paper baler

July 26, 2021

To be a waste paper recycling and Baling Press station, you must have a certain area of the site, and make a reasonable planning and design of the site according to the specific situation, so that it is convenient to load and unload waste paper.
This can be mainly divided into three aspects, the horizontal waste paper baler packaging area, the storage area before waste paper packaging and the storage area after waste paper packaging.
The Baling Press area of the horizontal waste paper baler varies slightly depending on the specifications, but the difference is not very large.
NKW100Q waste paper baler equipment, the installation and application area must be 15 meters long and 6 meters wide. If it is used indoors, the height must be above 5 meters. It is the minimum site requirement to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.
The storage area before the waste paper is packed, there is a steady stream of waste paper that cannot be packaged in time. A certain amount of storage space is required. Full consideration should be given to the amount of waste paper recycling and backlog, so that waste paper can be stored adequately, and waste paper will not be caused by insufficient space. Cannot be recycled.

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After the waste paper is packaged, it is stored in the storage area. After the waste paper is packaged, there must be a certain amount of it before it can be loaded and transported.
When installing the NICKBALER waste paper baler, pay attention not to damage the parts of the machine, and not to tilt when moving, so as to avoid failure during subsequent use.