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India woven bag strapping machine function introduction

March 16, 2023

Woven Bag Baler Machine Function
Woven bag strapping machine is a medium-sized vertical hydraulic strapping machine, which is mainly used to compress cans, plastic bottles, waste paper, woven bags, waste cotton, and non-metallic objects.
The main functions and advantages of woven bag baler
1. The European version of the package is fast in size, suitable for container transportation, can load more, and transport more weight.
2. The feeding door is a sliding door design, which can easily push the feeding door to the top of the equipment without taking up space.
3. Equipped with a pressure alarm system, when the weight of the bale reaches the set weight, the equipment will alarm by itself to remind the operator.
4. The double-button bag delivery design makes it safer to turn out the compressed bag without hurting the operator.
5. The door lock design of the hand wheel can slowly release the pressure in the compression chamber.
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