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India's waste paper baler price issue

September 26, 2021

Regardless of the price of the waste paper baler, regardless of weight. The price of each piece of waste paper baler for equipment is very cheap. In fact, this is a big misconception. At this stage, some agents produce net weight packaging from manufacturers, only considering the net weight of a single roll, rather than the calculation of the length of the whole bundle. Different waste paper baler manufacturers are likely to produce waste paper balers of different specifications and different thicknesses. . Similarly, different types of waste paper balers are different in thickness, which makes it possible for manufacturers of waste paper balers with the same length to produce waste paper balers of different specifications.
The whiter the waste paper baler, the better. Some waste paper balers are manufactured using purchased raw materials, but the color tone of the purchased raw materials waste paper baler is not white. The fineness of the equipment waste paper baler is actually fluorescent Brighteners, calcium bicarbonate, chemical raw materials,
This kind of fineness is different from the raw materials. The fineness of the waste paper baler is a bit completely transparent. Of course, the fineness of the added fluorescent brightener is too shallow. This type of fluorescent brightener will not only harm the waste paper baler. The support and adhesion strength will continue to cost the waste paper baler.

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