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India reed baler market

July 1, 2022

Reed baler market
Reed balers, timber balers, hydraulic balers

For the purpose of protecting the environment, the country has strict control measures on the deforestation of virgin forests, and now it is an era of high paper and cardboard output and consumption, which has caused a serious shortage of paper-making raw materials. Nowadays, wood is mainly used as the main raw material for papermaking. In the planning of the papermaking industry, it is clearly stated that in the future, the papermaking raw materials should form a wood fiber material, increase the recycling rate of waste paper, and encourage the diversification of non-wood raw materials. Raw material structure. From this point of view, as a form of non-wood fiber papermaking, reed pulping and papermaking has very important practical significance in our country.


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By analyzing the status quo of the papermaking, animal husbandry and straw wood-based panel industries, it is concluded that the demand for these three industries will increase at a relatively high rate now and in the future, but at the same time they have to face the situation that the lack of raw materials affects production. Modern production and processing techniques have solved the feasibility of using reed as a raw material in these three industries. my country is rich in reed resources, but except for a small part of the reed resources that are used, most of them are in a primitive state of self-sustaining. The reason is that the general reed growing area is far away from the factory, and the transportation cost of loose reeds is high, which restricts enterprises. The use of reeds. It is under this background that a reed baler is proposed to solve the serious loss of tonnage caused by loose materials and low bulk density during transportation by packaging the reeds. The reed is packed by a baler to increase the bulk density of the reed, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing freight and increasing the utilization rate of the reed.


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