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How to do the maintenance work of hydraulic baler

October 15, 2021

How to do the maintenance work of the hydraulic baler in winter is also a problem worth noting. Let's analyze and understand together with Nick Machinery.
First of all, select the appropriate hydraulic oil according to the regional climate difference. Compared with the southern or northern China area, the machine can choose 46# hydraulic oil whether it is winter or summer. Compared with the area with too low temperature, it must be produced in winter. It is necessary to select suitable oil products to avoid solidification of hydraulic oil and affect normal production.
Secondly, do a good job of replacing parts, mainly including oil cylinder seals, woolen sleeves between the motor and the gear pump, etc., to better ensure the function of the machine.
Then, the equipment should be preheated before each production, and the production should be carried out after everything is normal. After the processing is completed every day, the machine should be briefly protected, such as screw tightening, hydraulic oil compensation, and so on.

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