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How much tonnage is suitable for the waste paper baler?

February 9, 2023

Structure Of Waste Paper Baler
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The waste paper baler has a wide range of applications and is a good helper for the staff to improve work efficiency. So how many tons is suitable for the waste paper baler in the working process? Let’s take a look. The more commonly used waste paper balers cost 300 Kilograms, 700 kgs, 1 ton, 1.2 tons and 1.5 tons, etc., mainly depends on how much waste paper needs to be packed every day.
1. The baling machine size of the waste paper baler with small tonnage is also small.
2. The bales made by the waste paper baler with small tonnage are not as tight as those with large tonnage.
3. The waste paper baler with small tonnage is not as easy to use and durable as the large tonnage due to various reasons.
Small waste paper baler from 10-120 type, horizontal waste paper baler from 60-220 type
The small ones are 200-400 kg, and the horizontal ones are about 1 ton. The tonnage is different, and the thickness of the hydraulic cylinder used is also different: the size and weight of the punched block are also different: the weight and height of the machine are also different.
In a word, how many tons of waste paper balers are shot at a time still needs to be treated on a case-by-case basis, and the tonnage to be shot should be reasonably arranged. Usually, the waste paper balers should be regularly maintained and protected to avoid accidental failures.
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