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How does a baler work?

December 20, 2021

The use of straw balers has great advantages. Choosing to use straw balers can reduce production costs, and the packaging speed is faster. Clean and maintain in time after choosing to use them, so as to facilitate the long-term use of straw balers.

The following will introduce you to the scope of use of the straw baler and its advantages.

The main machine is made of section steel and super wear-resistant steel plates are welded in strict accordance with the process. The hydraulic system uses some key parts imported from well-known domestic brands, and the motor uses Siemens motor/Japan Mitsubishi PLC.

Rigidity, wear resistance, long service life, accurate action, convenient operation and maintenance, etc., which effectively improve work efficiency, reduce labor intensity, and reduce production costs.

The current situation of waste paper recycling in my country is far from reaching the country's requirements. Therefore, the straw baler can see that there must be a lot of room for development in the future waste paper purchasing industry.

The packaging is compact, neat and beautiful, which can greatly reduce transportation costs. It is a step-by-step choice for cotton-producing areas, textile companies, and clothing factories to purchase finished products from the waste recycling industry and other various light industry companies.

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Large and medium-sized straw balers can be divided into two-phase and three-phase types according to the use environment and requirements. Customers can select the type according to the actual power supply conditions to further increase the power of purchase.

NKBALER straw baler has simple structure, stable performance, simple operation and convenient maintenance. Welcome to buy.