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October 17, 2022

Metal Baler Safety Operation Rules
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When the temperature of the hydraulic oil of the metal baler rises, we can take the following measures:
1. Strengthen the regular inspection of hydraulic components, motors and pumps. If they are found to be damaged, they should be replaced immediately. A good motor and oil pump can effectively reduce the temperature of hydraulic oil.
2. Appropriately reduce the working pressure of the hydraulic station system to avoid overload of the equipment system with excessive pressure, so that the pump and valve group of the hydraulic oil can effectively reduce the friction and reduce the temperature.
3. Increase the hydraulic oil cooler with air cooling and water cooling, these two cooling devices are added to the metal baler oil tank, which can effectively reduce the high temperature of the hydraulic oil.
4. The leftover material should be placed in the specified place.


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