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Garment Baler reduces waste of resources

June 21, 2021

Although there is little market for used clothes in cities, there are still many children and even adults in poverty-stricken areas in our country who lack clothes. From time to time, netizens on Weibo initiate initiatives and appeal for donations.
Internet surveys show that a large number of netizens expressed their wish to donate used clothes, but they have nowhere to donate. Some volunteers suggested that the best way is to make a targeted donation, find a reliable donation place on the Internet, wash the old clothes, and send them to the post office.
The donated old clothes have shown their value, but where are the 26 million tons of clothes thrown into the trash every year?
A staff member of the Environmental Sanitation Monitoring Station in Haizhu District, Guangzhou said that under normal circumstances, it can only be landfilled with ordinary garbage. Not to mention the waste, the pollution is also great. Some fiber-made clothes will not rot if buried in the ground for many years.
How to dispose of old clothes is really a difficult problem. Landfill and incineration not only cause a waste of resources, but also greatly increase the burden on the environment. If the recycling company sells the old clothes to the refurbished factory, it will undoubtedly cause more harm to more people. , Is there any good way to make better use of these old clothes?
In recent years, the situation has changed. With the development of the packaging machinery industry, clothing balers have also begun to face the market. More and more used clothing recycling and processing plants and textile companies have begun to use clothing balers to pack, compress, and transport waste clothes, making old clothes larger Using space can also improve the environment and conform to the concept of environmental protection.

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The recycled old clothes will be classified and evaluated according to more than 400 different standards, and then recycled and reused. Clothes of different textures can be made into different chemical raw materials, such as car decoration materials, building moisturizing materials, conveyor belts, carpets, and so on.
The manufacturer of NICKBALER Garment Baling Press Machine insists on survival by quality, development by reputation, enhancing its service consciousness, and continuously producing new products.