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Features of rice husk baler

September 16, 2020

In order to compact the material package and prevent the discharging material from being scattered,the horizontal baler is equipped with a discharging pressing device coaxially on the material passage between the material inlet and the strapping device.The material pressing device includes a portal frame and a squeezing device.

For the pressure cylinder,a vertical hydraulic cylinder is coaxially installed on the crossbeam of the portal frame,and a horizontal hydraulic cylinder is installed symmetrically on the columns on both sides of the portal frame.The three hydraulic cylinders simultaneously push and squeeze the material bag toward the channel.An auxiliary pressing device is also installed in the middle of the material passage between the discharge pressing device and the feed inlet.The auxiliary pressing device has the same structure as the discharge pressing device. The auxiliary pressing device squeezes the material longitudinally during operation. Cooperate with the horizontal extrusion of the main hydraulic system of extrusion to effectively compress the material package and prevent the material being pushed loose.

The rice husk baler takes out the compressed rice husk blocks through a hydraulically controlled forklift and packs them outside the silo,which enables continuous operation of the rice husk compression and improves efficiency.
The Nick rice husk baler has a simple structure and simple operation. It can automatically complete the material turning operation,which ensures the continuous work of the baler,reduces the labor intensity of the operator,and improves the efficiency.