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Features of NICKBALER hydraulic baler

August 13, 2021

NICKBALER seizes the trend of the times and devotes its own technology and research to the production and manufacture of balers. As of 2021, it has a history of more than ten years.
In the past ten years, Shanjian has innovated and accumulated accumulation, forming a series of products such as large horizontal automatic baler, vertical hydraulic baler, shearing machine, bagging machine, metal baler and so on.
Features of NICKBALER hydraulic baler
①The product adopts hydraulic transmission mechanism, which uses small energy and large operating energy, and has an independent hydraulic system and electrical control system.
②The product system components have long-term cooperation with brand merchants to ensure product quality control from the source.
③The products are automatically delivered out of the package. The horizontal balers are equipped with conveyors and the materials are automatically transported, which reduces the difficulty of operation and labor intensity.
④The emergency stop button is installed independently to stop the operation of the machine at any time.
⑤ Equipped with power and Baler size, the corresponding model can be selected according to actual needs. The touch screen can see the setting data and the output of the package more intuitively.
⑥The products have been tested before leaving the factory, with short Baler time, high efficiency and low noise.

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NICKBALER hydraulic baler has won the recognition of customers by virtue of advanced business philosophy, professional technical support, and pragmatic work attitude.