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Features of Nepal Scrap Shearing Machine

November 22, 2021

Features of NICKBALER Scrap Shearing Machine:
1. Reasonable design structure: reasonable use of lever principle, adopting crocodile mouth structure, stronger biting force than traditional flat shears, and lower power consumption.
2. Hydraulic drive: smooth cutting, low noise, easy installation, no foundation required, high-pressure oil pump for oil supply, stronger stability.
3. Fast shearing speed: The scrap steel shearing machine adopts large-diameter hydraulic valve block, which has no leakage and large flow. It is equipped with a return acceleration device to accelerate the shearing cylinder after the material is sheared, thereby increasing the speed and efficiency.
4. The quality of the blade is good: the scrap steel shearing machine adopts high-hardness alloy material and special processing technology to ensure that the normal service life of the blade is twice that of the counterpart products.

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The NICKBALER scrap steel shearing machine has the characteristics of high working efficiency, low energy consumption, long service life and reasonable price.