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Features of Indian Scrap Steel Gantry Shearing Machine

September 29, 2021

Scrap steel gantry shearing machine is mainly used to make various solid waste iron, heavy waste, light and thin steel scrap, steel bar, metal briquette, scrap car shell, steel production, light metal structure large parts, profiles, production and domestic scrap steel, various Compression, Baler and shearing of plastic non-ferrous metals (stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper, etc.) to meet the applicable specifications of the charge. It is an ideal equipment for rolling mills, non-ferrous metal smelting industries, casting industries and raw material production plants.
The scrap steel gantry shearing machine is composed of a frame, a hydraulic cylinder, a hydraulic power system and an electrical system. Based on the working principle, it passes through an automatic feeding box, that is, after the material is grabbed to the feeding box, the waste is automatically sent to the At the cutting edge of the knife, the feeding speed can be adjusted by the speed regulating motor. Side squeeze cylinders are installed on both sides of the material box. Large waste materials, such as scrapped cars, cannot be cut through the gantry shear. The side squeeze cylinders can be used to squeeze and shrink the waste, and then be sent to the cutting blade through the conveyor to be cut off.
Features of scrap steel gantry shears:
1. Hydraulic transmission, low noise, complete functions, high production efficiency, optimized structure design, stable and reliable;
2. Adopting a solid open structure with integral welding, which can keep the machine body sufficiently rigid and at the same time have a more convenient operation space;
3. The press-fitting stroke of this series of presses is generally controlled by a timer, pressure switch, sensor, or the customer's own mold;
4. It is suitable for blanking, bending, flanging, sheet stretching, fine blanking, and cold extrusion of metal parts;
5. Adjustable pressing force, no overload, realizing the pressure holding and delay requirements of each working step in the pressing process;
6. The lifting height of the press-fitting spindle can be adjusted within any stroke range of the timer or position sensor;
7. Low oil pump displacement, low motor power, power saving and energy saving;
8. Centralized button, with manual, semi-automatic and automatic three operations;
9. The hydraulic system meter is built in the frame, and the appearance is neat, light and stable;
10. Optional: install photoelectric protection device, automatic lubrication device, oil temperature cooling constant temperature device.

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