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Features of hydraulic gantry shearing machine

September 27, 2022

1. Add a high pressure filter to the hydraulic system. That is, the hydraulic oil needs to pass through the high-pressure filter before entering the pipeline and the hydraulic control valve. (High pressure filter comes with alarm)
2. Air cooling: The machine adopts a large air volume air cooler to control the oil temperature of the hydraulic oil within the normal range of use. At the same time, the air-cooled machine page solves the problem that the water-cooled machine covers an area of ??the water source and is inconvenient.
3. Automatic control box. Manual and automatic replacement is possible. With remote control operation, it can realize remote start, stop and automatic operation.
4. Pushing trough with gland: It can realize feeding, and at the same time, the material will be pushed along the gland to the main shearing machine for shearing.
5. Special universal connection device at the front end of cylinder rod. Effectively protect the cylinder rod from damage.
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