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Features of Burmese Straw Baler

August 19, 2021

Straw balers are widely used in developed countries and tropical countries. They are mainly used for the compression and packaging of crop products such as wheat straw, rice husk, rice bran, peanut husk, and straw.
According to the convenience of transportation and work, the straw baler must be simple and reliable, compact overall, strong pressure, freely adjustable in the size of the bale, etc., and must meet the compression and packaging of various crop products.
The hydraulic system of the hydraulic straw baler is the power source for pressure, and the pressure in the pressure process is directly related to the hydraulic system.
Therefore, on the basis of considering the overall structure and saving energy, try to choose a hydraulic press with high pressure to provide sufficient pressure.
The hydraulic straw baler can realize the work of compressing crop by-products into blocks, Baling Press and turning over, greatly facilitating the storage and transportation of crop by-products.
The fully automatic straw baler has a compact structure and sufficient pressure, which improves the disadvantages of most current straw balers that the structure is bulky and the baling block can only be fixed.

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After the NICKBALER straw baler is put on the market, it can solve the straw recycling and improve the environmental pollution caused by the rural straw incineration.