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Features And Use Of Vietnamese Metal Shears

April 10, 2023

Characteristics Of Scrap Metal Shears
Scrap Shears, Scrap Steel Shears, Scrap Metal Baler
Nick machinery shearing machine is used for metal cutting and cutting. It is suitable for cutting all kinds of recycled scrap metal according to length into raw materials for de novo smelting.
The shearing force is large, and the size format that can be cut is wide and practical. It can continue cutting and has high production efficiency. Its oil pump can actively reduce the flow when it is cut by a high degree of scrap, and its motor will not be overloaded. Burn out, so the reliability of the machine is high, and the application life is long. It is the best choice for the metal material recycling department to cut waste;
Metal shears have both motor-driven oil pumps as power sources and diesel-driven oil pumps as power sources. Diesel-driven oil pumps are very suitable for industrial electricity scrap metal recovery occasions.
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The scrap iron shearing machine is very versatile, suitable for the calibration of shaft parts and profiles, the pressing of shaft kits, the bending of plates, the embossing, stretching, and the suppression of plastics and powder products.