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Factors affecting the performance of the iron filing briquetting machine

October 22, 2021

Iron chip briquetting machine is mainly used to directly cold-press metal raw materials such as cast iron chips and iron ore powder into cylindrical cakes of 3-6 kg under high pressure, so as to facilitate storage and transportation and reduce losses in the process of recycling and reuse. This series of equipment is classified into two types: vertical type and horizontal type. At present, the relatively large output is the horizontal iron chip briquetting machine.
There are relatively few domestic enterprises that use large-capacity induction electric furnaces for cast iron smelting, especially the research and application of large-capacity direct melting of cast iron filings. Although the large-capacity induction furnace is very efficient, there is melting. The safety monitoring in the process is poor, the corrosion of the furnace lining is accelerated, the low-temperature magnetic permeability in the induction furnace is reduced, and the melting efficiency is affected. A complete green recycling and smelting technical program of cast iron scraps is developed to realize clean production and turn waste into treasure. It is particularly urgent and important to comprehensively improve resource utilization.
There are several reasons that affect the performance of the iron chip briquetting machine:
1. The structure and pressure of the hydraulic system;
2. The structure and bore of the main pressure cylinder;
3. Control of oil temperature;
4. Quick device and connection method;
5. The structure and strength of the body;
6. The material and durability of the mold;
7. The structure and installation position of incoming and outgoing materials;
8. Electronic control system structure and configuration.

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