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Efficient production of Swedish gantry shears

December 13, 2021

Before the launch of gantry shears, scrapped cars were usually manually cut by relevant personnel and then further processed with metal shredders. This was very inefficient. If employees are not careful or skilled, they are easily injured.

After the launch of the gantry shearing machine, there has been a good solution to the difficult problem of scrapped automobiles. With the gantry shearing machine, manufacturers can directly cut the shells of scrapped automobiles in a cold state. After a few minutes, they can The car shell that occupies the land is turned into a metal material, which takes a short time and is highly efficient. It is a good choice for the disposal of scrapped cars.

The annual volume of scrapped automobiles in my country is considerable, and the recycling and utilization of scrapped automobiles is very important. A complete system has been formed from legislation to dismantling methods. The dismantling of scrapped automobiles has become a modern industry that produces significant economic and social benefits.

The gantry shearing machine developed by NICKBALER solves the difficult problem of scrapped cars with ease and has achieved great results.

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NICKBALER gantry shears can not only alleviate the demand for resources, but also protect the environment, but also have huge economic benefits.