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E-commerce promotes the development of cardboard baler

June 10, 2021

With the continuous development of the e-commerce industry, the rise of online shopping has facilitated people’s lives. However, more and more express boxes, packaging boxes, wrapping paper and other discarded cardboard have emerged. unfriendly.
From 2021, my country will increase the utilization rate of waste paper, and the market demand for domestic waste paper will also greatly increase. The recovery rate of waste paper in many developed countries is above 80%, while the recovery rate of waste paper in my country is only 49%, which is far lower than the world average. If we want to reduce our dependence on imported waste paper, we must improve my country's waste paper recycling system as soon as possible and improve the quality of domestic waste paper.
Experts suggest that domestic waste paper recycling industry standards should be established as soon as possible. Put forward requirements from various aspects of environmental protection, safety, production, process flow, and quality management, provide a basis for local government industry management, support powerful enterprises to grow bigger and stronger, increase industry concentration, ensure effective supply of domestic waste paper, and stabilize domestic Market price of waste paper. For ordinary people, it is necessary to collect the cartons of these families and take them to a nearby waste product station to sell them, which can well protect the environment and contribute to improving the utilization rate of waste paper.
A large number of waste recycling stations use cardboard balers to recycle, compress and pack cartons, express boxes, packaging boxes, wrapping paper and other similar items. After packaging and compression, the cardboard will be transported to the waste paper recycling and processing plant for secondary processing and utilization, which has brought great benefits to our environment and ecology.

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