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Development direction of waste paper baler in Ukraine

September 24, 2021

Competition in the waste paper baler market is becoming increasingly fierce. In the future, it should cooperate with the trend of industrial automation and move towards the direction of R&D technology, talents and faster development. In the future, the technological development will develop in the following directions:
1. The structure design of waste paper baler is standardized and modularized. The original model is used for modular design, and the new waste paper automatic baler model can be converted in a short time.
2. The structure movement of the waste paper automatic baler is high-precision, and the structure design and structure motion control of the waste paper baler are related to the performance of the waste paper baler.
3. Control automation. The controller is the CPU of the waste paper baler, which is the brain that issues the action commands. The waste paper hydraulic baler manufacturers generally use PLC controllers, touch screens, and photoelectric switches. Although the PLC is very powerful, it is still not as powerful as the DCS control system.
In the future, waste paper balers must have multi-function, diversification, and human-machine interface development. The computer-based DCS control system has become a new trend in the development of waste paper automatic balers.

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