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Development direction of New Zealand waste cardboard baler

November 17, 2021

No industry can do without development, and the waste paper Baler industry is no exception. Only through continuous development can the waste paper Baler go further and become stronger.
The development trend of NICKBALER waste cardboard baler:
1. Automation.
The current automation research is mainly embodied in the integration technology and system technology in the manufacturing system, man-machine integrated manufacturing system, manufacturing cell technology, manufacturing process planning and scheduling, flexible manufacturing technology and manufacturing environment adapted to the current production mode.
The development trend of waste cardboard packaging machine manufacturing automation technology is manufacturing globalization, manufacturing agility, manufacturing networking, manufacturing virtualization, manufacturing intelligence, and manufacturing green.
2. Greening.
Green manufacturing produces green products through green production processes, green design, green materials, green equipment, green technology, green packaging, and green management. After the products are used up, they are recycled through green treatment.
The use of green manufacturing can minimize the negative impact of manufacturing on the environment, and at the same time maximize the use of raw materials and energy.

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NICKBALER waste cardboard baler is suitable for places with a lot of materials, which can greatly reduce labor expenditure and improve work efficiency.