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Design of hydraulic system of waste paper baler

June 26, 2021

The reliability of the hydraulic system of the waste paper baler depends to a large extent on the seal design of the hydraulic system of the waste paper baler and the choice of seals. Due to the unreasonable selection of the sealing structure in the design, the selection of the seals does not conform to the specifications. The compatibility of hydraulic oil and sealing materials, load conditions, ultimate pressure, working speed, changes in ambient temperature, etc. are not taken into account. These all directly or indirectly cause hydraulic system leakage to varying degrees.
In addition, due to the dust and impurities in the use environment of the waste paper baler design, suitable dust-proof seals should be selected in the design to prevent dust and other dirt from entering the system to damage the seals and contaminate the oil, resulting in leakage.
1. The design precision of waste paper baler should be reasonable.
In the design of the waste paper baler, the geometric accuracy and roughness of the movement surface of the waste paper baler must be ensured. In the design, it is necessary to check the strength of the connection part, and the high-precision and reasonable design requirements can ensure that the waste paper baler can avoid leakage during the work.
2. The oil cylinder seal of the waste paper baler is made of oil-resistant rubber and other materials. The aging, cracking, damage, etc. will cause system leakage due to long-term use.

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If the parts are damaged by collision during the working process, the sealing element will be scratched, which can cause leakage of the waste paper baler in severe cases. The seal selection of waste paper baler must choose high-quality well-known brands. Only good seals can delay the aging of seals.
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