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Daily maintenance of automatic waste paper balers

September 20, 2022

Maintenance Of Automatic Waste Paper Balers
Semi-Automatic Waste Paper Baler, Automatic Waste Paper Baler
Today, I will share with you the daily maintenance of the automatic waste paper baler. To summarize, there are the following points:
1. The operator is required to check the equipment at any time, and should pay attention to the sound, vibration, oil pressure and other conditions when the equipment is running, and report any problems in time.
2. Clean up the site in time, ensure the cleanliness of the packaging site, and ensure the safety of packaging.
3. In order to reduce the wear and tear of the equipment, eliminate the hidden dangers of accidents, and prolong the service life, the operator is the main operator, and the operation is carried out according to the plan.
4. Regular maintenance work should check and adjust the clearance of each matching part, and fasten the relevant parts of the waste paper baler equipment.
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