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Daily lubrication of Laos scrap steel shearing machine

October 28, 2021

In the maintenance of the scrap steel shearing machine, it is very important to do a good job of lubrication and maintenance for the relevant parts of the equipment. Daily lubrication meets the requirements of reducing wear and consumption, while avoiding heating and vibration, and can also avoid the rust of the scrap shearing machine. If it fails, how to do the daily lubrication work of the scrap steel shearing machine?
1. In the oil injection holes on both ends of the scrap steel shearing machine, the operator should keep lubricating oil at regular intervals. Usually, each shift can choose to inject oil for this part of the equipment 4-5 times.
2. The scrap steel shear straightening machine should adopt the lubrication procedure in accordance with the specified requirements, so as to maintain the performance of the equipment and effectively reduce the failure rate of the hydraulic metal shear equipment. In addition, it can also help us to extend the use time of the equipment.
3. The oil injection port at the upper end of the scrap steel shearing machine should also maintain frequent lubrication maintenance measures. It is usually recommended to check twice per shift. If the relevant staff finds a lack of lubricating oil, they should replenish it in time.

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