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Daily inspection of Thai scrap steel shearing machine

November 4, 2021

The scrap steel shearing machine is mainly used for the shearing of various scrap metal materials. It can be cut into raw materials suitable for smelting specifications according to the length. The shearing force is large and the range of use is wide. Before starting the production, carefully check whether the various parts are normal and the specific operation as follows:
The scrap shearing machine should first go around the machine to check whether there are any screws falling off before starting the operation. Before starting the operation, make sure that the machine is free of any shaking before it can be turned on.
Secondly, check the bearings, whether they need to be refueled, and ensure that the bearings are lubricated, so that the machine will run smoothly.
After the preliminary inspection work is over, start to turn on the start switch button, and then go around the gantry shearing machine for a week to check whether the scrap shearing machine is operating normally and whether the steering is normal. During the operation, carefully listen to whether there is noise in the scrap shearing machine. Do not start the scrap shearing machine after ensuring that there is no noise to prevent major problems due to minor faults.
During operation, if the efficiency of the scrap steel shearing machine is found to be much worse than before, the power supply must be cut off to check whether the cutter head of the scrap steel shearing machine is worn out too badly.
NICKBALER is here to remind users that if there is any problem with the equipment, whether it is inspection or maintenance, you must not cut off the power supply in order to avoid accidental injury to personnel.

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