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Crocodile shears need regular maintenance

October 19, 2022

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In the process of using the machine, we must not only operate in strict accordance with the machine operating instructions, but the operator should also be familiar with the structure of the machine, and solve any problems as soon as possible to ensure that our machine can run normally. Regular maintenance of the equipment, maintenance items are as follows:
1. If the user cannot solve the fault, he can contact NICKBALER Machinery Factory, we will do our best to help you solve the problem.
2. Check the oil filter in the fuel tank once a year, and remove the foreign matter in it in time, and clean it with gasoline.
3. The oil tank should be cleaned every six months, but the oil should not be cleaned for more than 40 hours each time to remove one-time pollution. New oil that has been used once is only allowed to be used again after strict filtration.
4. A new cloth should be used for scrubbing the fuel tank, and it is strictly forbidden to use back silk, yarn ends and rags.
5. The oil added to the tank must be strictly filtered by copper mesh, and should maintain sufficient oil (about 250 liters), and immediately add oil if it is insufficient.

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