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China Waste Paper Baling Machine

June 25, 2023

The correct use, careful maintenance, and careful maintenance of waste paper packaging can help the equipment to always maintain a good working condition, reduce the occurrence of failures, and extend the service life. 
1. The operator of the semi-automatic baler should be familiar with the principle of the system, master the sequence of actions of the system and the adjustment methods of each component.  
2. Before starting the semi-automatic waste paper baler machine, check whether all the movement mechanisms and solenoid valves are in the original state, and check the oil tank level. If the amount of oil is insufficient, the hydraulic pump is not allowed to start.  
3. The oil temperature should be controlled within the range of 35~55℃. In winter, when the temperature in the fuel tank does not reach 25°C, the sequential action of the actuators is not allowed to start. The heater should be turned on for heating, or the oil pump should be started to make the pump idling. When the oil temperature is higher than 60°C in summer, cooling measures should be taken, and the working conditions of the system should be paid close attention. If there is a problem, the pump should be stopped in time. 
4. After the gear pump of the waste paper baler is used for a long time, the relative moving surfaces of the gear will be worn and scratched. The wear of the end face causes the axial gap to increase, the wear of the addendum circle causes the radial gap to increase, and the wear of the tooth profile causes the noise to increase. Therefore, when the abrasion and strain are not serious, it can be used after a little grinding and polishing; if the abrasion and strain are serious, it needs to be repaired or replaced according to the situation.
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