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Can you put plastic in a baler?

February 26, 2024

Plastic can be put into a baler in many cases, but this depends on the type of baler and the type of plastic. Balers are commonly used to compress a variety of materials such as paper, cardboard, plastics, metals and textiles to reduce their volume for easier transportation and recycling.
1. Plastic bottle balers: Some balers are specifically designed to handle plastic bottles or plastic containers. These machines typically compress plastic bottles into blocks for easy recycling and reuse.
2. Universal balers: Some balers can handle a variety of materials, including plastics. However, when using this type of baler, you need to ensure that the plastic is clean and dry to prevent contamination and other problems.
3. Special plastic balers: Some balers are designed for specific types of plastics, such as film plastic balers. These machines can process plastic bags, plastic films and other materials.
However, there are some plastics that are not suitable for use in a baler. For example, certain types of plastic can melt or warp, causing blockages in the baler or other problems. Additionally, if the plastic contains toxic substances or contaminants, it may not be safe to put in the baler.

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Overall, if you plan to put plastic into a baler, it’s best to understand the specifications and capabilities of your baler, as well as the type of plastic you’ll be handling. In some cases, special equipment or techniques may be required to handle specific plastics.