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Can The Waste Paper Baler Be Used For Light And Thin Materials?

April 12, 2023

Waste Paper Baler, Waste Paper Box Baler, Waste Newspaper Baler
Although the name of the waste paper baler is waste paper baling, loose materials such as straw, hops, and plastic films can also be baled. Some friends want to ask whether the waste paper baler can make light and thin materials? Let's find out together.
For this question, let's first understand what is thin and light material?
Light and thin materials refer to thin plate scraps, silicon steel sheets, iron drums, baling machine iron sheets, car cabs, scrap steel wires, iron wires, steel wire ropes, etc., with a thickness of less than 2mm.
Obviously, the waste paper baler cannot be used for light and thin materials. If you want to pack light and thin materials, you can choose a scrap iron baling press machine. If you have any questions about this, you can contact our factory and look forward to your call.

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