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Brunei waste paper baler compressor management

May 26, 2022

Waste paper baler
Waste paper baler, hydraulic baler, horizontal baler
To innovate the design of the waste paper baler, the compressor theory of the waste paper to be compressed and packaged should be analyzed first, and the mechanical model of the waste paper during compression should be obtained to provide a theoretical basis for the design of the machine. According to actual experience, the relationship between the degree of compaction of waste paper and pressure: when waste paper is compressed, the greater the pressure, the more obvious the degree of compression. However, the higher the pressure, the higher the equipment requirements. Therefore, from the economic and practical point of view, the mathematical model of the degree of waste paper compression and pressure can be obtained, and the appropriate values ??can be selected to design the machine according to the needs.
In order to facilitate the analysis of the force of waste paper during compression, a waste paper compression model is established. When compressing the waste paper, the reaction force of the waste paper can be regarded as the uniform load on the mechanism, and the selection expression is relatively simple, and the elastic model is easy to derive for analysis, which is conducive to the selection and testing of parameters.
Because waste paper has a large amount of compression when it is compressed, and it is a discontinuous medium, if the linear elastic theory is applied, the result will be too large, so the stiffness should be used as a variable modulus, and its size is only related to statics. In statics, the model requires only the magnitude of the force, and the frost effect of the material during compression has nothing to do with whether permanent deformation occurs. It only needs to consider the relationship between compression force and compression displacement. At the same time, the linear damping of dynamics is introduced as a constant. Therefore, the above model can fully express the stress points of waste paper during compression.
In the actual compression process, as the amount of compression increases, the compression force also increases, and the compression modulus also increases. The relationship between compression and compression modulus can be described by an expression.
The mathematical expressions obtained above provide a theoretical basis for the design and calculation of the waste paper baler, making the design reasonable, and setting the load force parameters in the modeling and simulation of the post hydraulic system, so that the operation of the built model is consistent with the actual The force is consistent, which increases the reliability of the simulation results.
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