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Brunei Hydraulic Scrap Shearing Machine

October 27, 2021

The failure of the oil pump of the scrap shearing machine to start is directly related to the operating system of the oil pump, such as the oil pump motor, insufficient oil pressure, and dirty oil filter.
Reasons why the oil pump of the scrap steel shearing machine does not start:
1. First determine whether the scrap shearing machine has a problem with the motor or the oil pump, separate the motor and the oil pump, and then start the motor. If the motor can rotate normally, it must be the oil pump problem. If the motor cannot rotate without a load, the motor is broken. The terminal is loose or loose.
2. Insufficient oil pressure or dirty oil filter.
3. The start, stop or emergency stop button of the oil pump is damaged.
4. The overload protection thermal relay is damaged.
5. The AC contactor coil is open or damaged.
6. The wire end of the three-wire AC circuit is loose or damaged.

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