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Brunei hemp rod baler sales

August 9, 2021

With the development and expansion of the machinery industry, more and more people choose to use hemp baler to recover and compress crops.
Because most people have little experience in this area, they face bankruptcy within a short period of time, causing great losses to their property and spirit. The editor summarizes the following three points and shares with you.
1. The low price temptation when buying a hemp rod baler is 20,000 to 40,000 lower than other manufacturers. When the contract is signed, the deposit is paid, and then the shipment is not shipped and the price is increased in various names. If you do not, the shipment will not be shipped, even if you Giving the full amount does not necessarily ship to you.
They usually do some tricks on the contract. After a period of time after the contract is signed, the handwriting will be blurred. It is difficult to defend their rights. Or they do tricks on the machine model. They obviously bought a horizontal Baler. It is indeed a vertical type, so the price difference will be around hundreds of thousands.
2. Purchase waste paper balers in installments. Many people start to set up a Baler station because of the small amount of start-up funds. Some manufacturers will provide you with installments. Remember that those who do installment payments are all scammers. After the deposit is handed in, no Delivery was deliberately delayed, and in the end the full payment had to be paid before delivery.
3. Workshop-style machines cannot be bought. Their prices are much lower than those of other manufacturers. They have rough workmanship, backward technology, cut corners, and use refurbished accessories, and some even the entire machine is a refurbished machine.
There are constant small problems in buying home, and the packaging speed is slow, time-consuming, labor-intensive, electricity-consuming, labor-intensive, increasing the cost of packaging, and poor after-sales.
Buyers should not rush to conclusions when buying machines. They need to know more about the machine, more about the manufacturer and the sales company.
Generally speaking, it is the least risky to choose brands that are common on the market and have a good reputation, and to choose regular manufacturers and distributors.

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NICKBALER reminds everyone that you should not be deceived for cheap when buying a hemp baler. You need to understand the machine and the manufacturer deeply before you draw conclusions.