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Austrian scrap steel shearing machine purchase details

November 29, 2021

Scrap shears are usually used in large scrap yards. However, with the current tightening and optimization of human resources, individual scrap yards have also participated in the sale of scrap steel shears. Several of them are used when buying scrap steel shears. Important points of concern:
1. The strength of the fuselage
The strength of the gantry shear body determines the shear strength it is subjected to, so the body needs to be thick and powerful. The thinner body cannot meet the large-scale and long-term shearing operation, which will accelerate the aging and damage of the equipment.
2. The difference between the valve body
Now the electronic induction flange valve is used. If you are still using the old valve, you need to pay attention to it. In addition, there is a large flow and high pressure on the gantry shear oil circuit, especially on the two shear cylinders. For pipeline connections, use flanges as much as possible, and heavy-duty flanges are recommended for individual pipelines.
3. Choice of cooling system
In general, the cooling systems used by gantry shears are: air-cooled, water-cooled, refrigerators, etc. Different refrigeration systems have different prices, and the cooling effect is also very different. In general, water-cooled systems are better than air-cooled. , And the effect of the refrigerator is better than water cooling, but the price will be much higher, so it is more important to consider your own needs when choosing.

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