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Austrian hydraulic scrap shearing machine

December 15, 2021

The scrap steel shearing machine is not a simple shearing machine. Users who have a little understanding will understand that it has a complete configuration and is equivalent to a complete production line. One device can be used for multiple devices, with powerful functions and strong practicability.

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The hydraulic scrap shearing machine is a kind of high-yield and low-consumption scrap steel processing equipment. It is suitable for cold-shearing scrap metals of various cross-sectional shapes into qualified charge of corresponding specifications or processing metal products of corresponding specifications, improving work efficiency and saving Go to a lot of labor costs.

The mechanical system, electrical system, and hydraulic system of the scrap steel shearing machine are integrated, with lower noise, lower vibration, beautiful appearance, small footprint, no installation, convenient movement, and ready to use when connected to electricity.

The recycling of scrap metal is an important part of the construction of a new resource-based society. The recycling of scrap metal is of great significance. Scrap metal is a good furnace charge for steelmaking. Increasing the amount of scrap metal will reduce the amount of resource extraction. Waste emissions, so from the current point of view, it is feasible to invest in scrap shears.

NICKBALER scrap steel shearing machine has reasonable technical parameters, wide application range, low energy consumption, and is widely used in scrap metal recycling and processing industries.