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Australia hydraulic press maintenance system

May 18, 2022

 Hydraulic machine maintenance
Maintenance of hydraulic balers, hydraulic presses, and balers
1. Carry out lubrication maintenance according to the lubrication requirements of the machine.
2. After the equipment works for one year, the hydraulic oil should be discharged from the bed oil tank to clean the oil tank, and the filtered hydraulic oil should be refilled. The oil volume should be determined at the height of 3/4 of the oil standard.
3. The oil filter net on the oil suction pipe must be cleaned or washed regularly.
5. Regularly check whether the handles, knobs and buttons are damaged.
5. The motor must be kept clean, and the air inlet net cover of the motor must always be well ventilated and not blocked.
6. Lubricate the equipment and scrub and clean the equipment 10 minutes before the end of get off work every day.
7. It is strictly forbidden for non-operators to operate the hydraulic press, and it must be stopped by people off the machine at ordinary times.


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