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Application value of New Zealand rice husk baler

September 7, 2021

Nowadays, the hydraulic baler industry is a fast-growing industry in the emerging industry, and it has very important value for the recovery of crop straw.
The technology of the rice husk baler is also more advanced. It is an important mechanical equipment for crop recovery. It really serves farmers and entrepreneurs and makes farmers' production more efficient and safe.
The application of the rice husk hydraulic baler in the baling and recycling of straws and various crops has solved the long-term worries about this phenomenon in rural areas.
In the past, straws were piled up as garbage or burned in large quantities, which caused environmental pollution. Even in the fields, you can see a lot of smoke billowing. Every autumn harvest season is the season when farmers are most worried about straws. There is no hydraulic baler. In this era, this will be a matter of great distress for farmers.
Since the rice husk baler has been widely used and promoted, it has become an indispensable recycling equipment for crop straw. The straw bales produced by the rice husk baler can provide food for their own livestock without causing waste and saving for farmers Unnecessary losses.
The straw bales produced by the hydraulic rice husk baler can also be sold to relevant recycling units for recycling. At present, some companies specialize in straw recycling production, and the demand is also high. Therefore, one machine is multi-purpose, which is beneficial to straw. Recycling, and will not cause waste.

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The use of NICKBALER rice husk baler can reduce storage area, improve transportation capacity, and reduce the possibility of fire.