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Application and characteristics of straw briquetting machine

May 31, 2021

The straw briquetting machine is mainly used for the compression and packaging of wood chips, wood flour, shavings, coconut mud, peanut shells, corn stalks and other materials.
Features of NICKBALER Straw Briquetting Machine:
1. The machine adopts PLC control system, unmanned operating system, horizontal continuous package delivery, fast speed and convenient use. Use the conveyor to automatically load the material.
2. This machine is mainly suitable for the compression of paper powder, paper scraps and other scraps.
3. After being compressed by the straw briquetting machine, the scraps can be transported directly, without bagging, and can be automatically scattered after being beaten by manpower.

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NKB200 straw feeding port size is 700*480mm, bale size is 480*480*(220-350)mm, bale weight is 30-35Kg per bale, briquette output is 1.5-1.8 tons per hour.
NICKBALER is committed to the production of straw briquetting machines, with a complete range of features, such as reasonable design, beautiful models, convenient operation, accurate accuracy, etc.