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Application and characteristics of semi-automatic closed baler

May 28, 2021

With the continuous development of science and technology, NICKBALER is constantly developing and innovating new high-performance packaging machinery with the development of science and technology. Today, I will take you to learn about the semi-automatic closed-end baler of NICKBALER Lifting Door series.
NICKBALER Lifting Door Series Semi-automatic Closed Baler is specially designed for compressing and Baler loose items such as waste paper, waste cardboard, cartons, sponges, plastic films, plastic bottles, hard plastic baskets, and waste computer cases.
Features of Lifting Door Series Semi-automatic Closed Baler:
1. The closed structure makes the Baler tighter;
2. It has a high-strength package door, automatic door opening and closing, and hydraulic door lock device, which makes the operation more convenient;
3. It has multiple operation modes that can be used for conveying belt feeding, air pipe feeding and manual feeding;
4. The PLC control system is adopted, which can automatically feed and detect, each time it can be directly compressed to the front end and manual strapping, one-time package out and other processes, or it can be completed manually.

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The articles compressed and packaged by the semi-automatic closed balers can achieve the purpose of reducing the storage area and reducing the transportation cost.