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Apparel Baling Press machine increases economic benefits

June 18, 2021

How to deal with the clothes that I don’t wear? Donate these clothes. There is no suitable channel. It is a pity to throw them away, but the closet at home is indeed getting more and more full.
Many people don't know what to do with old clothes, so they can only throw them away in the end. According to the latest data from the China Association for Comprehensive Utilization of Resources, about 26 million tons of old clothes are thrown into the trash in my country every year. So how should we deal with old clothes? What problems will we encounter when donating?
Ms. Fang from Guangzhou buys a lot of clothes almost every season. Recently, she wanted to donate more than 30 pieces of unused clothes and sent them to dry cleaning. But to her surprise, the local Red Cross stated that it is best to donate donations instead of old clothes. In the Civil Affairs Bureau and the Street Office, the answers she got were all: No old clothes will be accepted. In desperation she could only throw it away.
The reporter called the Red Cross Society. The staff said that there are difficulties in not collecting old clothes because they cannot be processed after they are collected. The cost of disinfection and transportation is too high. Nowadays, there are very few clothes in poverty-stricken areas, and they are generally sold in batches. We transported them cotton-padded clothes and jackets, so we don’t collect old clothes now.
The cost of transportation of used clothes is high. You can choose to compress and pack with a garment Baling Press machine first, and then transport. This can greatly reduce transportation costs and increase economic benefits. It can also be used by both donors and recipients of used clothes. Satisfy.

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